Begin Log Report

Posted by cippaciong on Sun 19 July 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to cippaciong.log! This is my first post, so if you are wondering what is this blog about just keep reading.

First things first, what is cippaciong.log?

Well, to put it without fancy names, it's just yet another (Linux) blog™ .

What does that mean?

It means that you can probably find tons of posts around the internet which will look pretty much the same as the post you will find here.

What the heck is the purpose of cippaciong.log then?

This blog exists with the sole purpose to serve one person: me (muahaha). All kidding aside, this is essentially true; I won't try to be original in the topics I choose for my posts, nor to cover specific sectors or use cases of Linux system administration. This space is essentially a place where I can freely take notes of how I configured the services that are running on my (or others) servers, so that I can go over them again when the time comes. You can see it as personal place for documentation, except that is public

Why the name?

As I said, this blog is where I keep track of all my configurations and their changes in time, so it just came natural to me to see it as my personal log file.

Do you mind if I take a peek?

Of course not! Even if this blog is for me, it just makes me happy if it can be useful also for you!

Enjoy your stay on cippaciong.log!

--end log report--